Delivery consists of setup and teardown. We start delivering at 7:30 AM and guarantee delivery by noon. Specific times can be arranged. Call for more details.

Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee Update: Due to rising gas prices, unfortunately, we were forced to raise our Delivery fee. We hate to do this as we’ve always strived to not make any money on our delivery fee while giving you an exceptional experience. That still hasn’t changed with our new prices. We still lose money on our deliveries, but the prices do help offset some of our costs.

If the location is within 20 miles of downtown Midland, delivery is free. Between 20 and 50 miles delivery is $2/mile. Between 50 and 75 miles delivery is $3/mile. Over 75 miles is $4/mile.

              • Example: 18 miles from Downtown Midland is $0
              • Example: 46 miles from Downtown Midland is $92
              • Example: 62 miles from Downtown Midland is $186
              • Example: 82 miles from Downtown Midland is $328

Discount Program

  • 2 rentals, receive 10% discount
  • 3 rentals, receive 15% discount
  • 4+ rentals, receive 20% discount



We do offer overnight rental for an additional $50. Contact us for more details or for longer rentals.