This jumper is enjoyed by boys and girls alike!

It starts out with a huge jumping area. The sides of the area are made of sturdy screening that allows people to see what fun the kids are having while keeping them very safe. After jumping they can take off after their friends, up the ramp and down the slide. Let’s play tag and see how many of your friends you can tag out. Were you the winner? Guess you better try again. Here we go, jump, climb and slide, over and over!

• Unit Perimeter Approx – 12′ W x 14′ L x 9′ H
• Bounce Floor Dimensions Approx. – 8′ W x 8′ L
• Max Gross Weight: 700 Lbs
• Max Players: 5
• Max User Weight: 200 Lbs
• Climbing Platform
• Double Slide
• Side Entry
• Heavy Duty Netting
• Full Frontal Net Opening