Wow! Have you ever seen so many things for your children to do all in one place?

This Jumper is an obstacle course with a slide, a climbing wall, a hoop and an obstacle tunnel and a pop-up obstacle lane. Just when your kids are starting to get tired they realize….Holy cow, there’s more to do! Now they find their way to the center of the jumper floor where there is a large slide, split into a climbing ramp to the top of the slide platform then down the slide! Now you think “that’s all there can be.” Wrong!

The obstacle tunnel runs through the center to an obstacle path that is in a U formation on the right side of the slide, through the center, then down the left. Enough twists and turns to make any kid dizzy and wanting to do it again.

• Pop-Up Obstacle lane
• Obstacle Tunnel
• Wide entry ramp
• Climbing Wall (to slide)
• Slide
• Hoop
• 16.6′ W x 18.6′ L x 13′ H
• Slide: 23″ W x 108″ L x 72″ H
• Max 1 User Climbing
• Max 4 users on obstacle path
• Max 1000 Lbs on Inflated Structure
• Max 200 Lbs per user
• Ages 3+




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